Midfeeds is South Africa's largest pet and horse feed supplier. We boast the widest range of dry food, wet food, treats, supplements annd accessories for all your pet and animal care needs.

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  • Pets

    Shop the widest range of pet food, supplements and accessories. Pamper your pets with the best of the best in all pet related products.

  • Horse

    The story of midfeeds is a long one with its origins in the equestrian indutsry. Despute our journey we haven't forgotten our roots, so shop the widest range of horse feed and equine care products here.

  • Livestock

    Midfeeds has always been the leader in animal feed products since it first opened its doors. As a reuslt it is no stranger to catering for the needs of livetsock and as such has a wide array of livestock products to offer the public.

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