Tack 'n Togs Brand Ambassadors

The Tack'n Togs Brand Ambassadors team is made up of the most elite showjumpers within their respective classses in South Africa. We are more than proud to have them represent our brand at the highest levels of equine performance in the world.

Anthony Ekerold

We're thrilled to introduce the latest addition the brand ambassadors team, Anthony Ekerold. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Anthony is a true equestrian talent, riding under the Mark White Nissan banner. We're excited to have him on board, and we can't wait to witness the incredible journey that lies ahead.

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Amy Hay

Born and bred in Zimbabwe, Amy’s South African base is Charley Crockart’s yard in Sun Valley. Amy’s enthusiasm for her horses, her riding and her loyalty is infectious and is one of the many reasons she was chosen to be one of the first Influencers for Tack ‘n Togs and Midfeeds. 

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Charley Crockart

Everyone knows Charley!  Top show jumper and owner of CC Equestrian, arguably the happiest yard on earth (with some of the most eccentric characters in it – including mom Penny and mini Muffin) Zimbabwean born Charley continues to produce young horses and riders (of all ages) and has been a consistent and loyal brand ambassador since the programme started. 

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Cheyenne De Beer

Chey is one of our out of province riders who trains in and represents Kwa-Zulu Natal. We are so proud to have Chey representing our brand and extending our influence into KZN.

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Elena Jankowitz

The only Dressage rider in the Tack ‘n Togs and Midfeeds portfolio, Elena has been a stalwart in promoting dressage thoughout the years.  Also one of the original brand ambassadors, Elena fly’s the flag high and despite a few injuries in 2021 and 2022 she believes that these very  painful experiences have given her insight in to and compassion with what a nervous rider may be feeling and she is able instil confidence in even the most anxious rider. 

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Kiara Burn

Kiara is one of our original brand ambassadors, as well as being one of our youngest. Kiara continues to excel in any event she competes in, making her a valued member of the Tack 'n Togs team.

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Kelly O'connor

Kelly is the proud owner of her brand new yard Aubrey stables in Sun Valley.  A firm, dedicated coach and decorated rider, Kelly has already set the SA show jumping circuit on fire and in her Tack ‘n Togs livery with horses fed by Midfeeds, will continue from strength to strength.

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Kobus Nel

Another young Tack ‘n Togs and Midfeeds influencer,  Kobus rides with coach Simon Hendry at H Equestrian.  It was Kobus’ professionalism, his dedication to the sport and his genuine love of his horses that made him the ideal young Influencer for Tack ‘n Togs and Midfeeds. 

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Kyla Brimacombe

Kyla is a quietly confident rider who has been a loyal brand ambassador since 2021.  Her never, quit, never give up attitude is so much a part of the Tack ‘n Togs ethos.  Kyla is one of the rising stars in show jumping with an almost guarantee of a top placing in just about every class she enters.  Kyla has proven the strength and safety of the world leaders in helmet safety and luxurious Italian designed KEP helmets on a few occasions.  We take great pride in keeping our ambassadors not only well dressed, but safe too. 

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Liam Stevens

Liam’s yard,  Disa Stables is a tranquil oasis in Glenferness.   As a top rider himself, Liam is a strict coach who expects a lot from his students, all while keeping the safety and wellbeing of the horse at heart. Liam is a proud supporter of Erreplus saddles as they take both the horse and rider in to account and ensure comfort and freedom of movement not found on any other make of saddle.   Kindness to the horse is paramount in the way that Liam teaches and in the way he rides as well as the tools he uses to get the best from his equestrian partner.

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Mikeala Martin

Mikaela Martin is always placed and always one of the most dedicated riders on the showjumping circuit.  Riding under her coach, Belinda Martin’s (also her mom)  watchful eye at Penbritte Equestrian Centre in Eikenhof, south of Johannesburg, Mikaela is definitely a shining star in the young riders galaxy.  Her humble attitude and her over riding love of the sport and competition is palpable in every show she enters and every class she owns! 

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Shari Michaelis

Shari is one of our longest standing brand ambassadors and in fact manages the brand ambassadors team, she has gone above and beyond in her time with us and we are so incredibly proud in the way she has shaped the ambassadors team. Shari is no doubt one of the most valuable assets to the team and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for her!

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Simon Hendry

Owner of H Equestrian yard in Glenferness,  Simon Hendry is a top show jumper and combines his unique sense of calm with a competitive streak to teach young and old, nervous and confident riders and take them to their desired level of their riding career. 

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Thomas van Rijckevorsel

Thomas needs no introduction!  His seemingly meteoric rise (we know all the hard work that went on behind the scenes) to winning gold at the Youth Olympics in 2022 – a first for a young South African was not without the love and support of his entire family including Tack ‘n Togs and Midfeeds.  Thomas has an innate ability to love and bond with any horse, this has stood him in good stead and aligns exactly with the values that we place such importance on.  A bunch of carrots goes a long way!    

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Zandi Alcock

Zandi is an incredible asset not only to Tack ‘n Togs and Midfeeds but to South Africa.  Her dedication to the equestrian sport, her love, compassion and passion for her horses is seen in every interaction she has – whether at a show, at home in her arena or giving advice online, her love for the sport and every person involved in her equestrian life is testament to the ambassador she is. 

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Megan De Waal

Megan was one of Tack ‘n Togs’ first young Influencers.  Not only was she always a loyal supporter of the Tack ‘n Togs brand and all the brands under our umbrella, she is always coming up with new and innovative marketing ideas and suggestions.  Always excelling in her SANESA classes, Megan has been an amazing influence on the young, up and coming show jumpers and an ambassador not only for Tack ‘n Togs and Midfeeds but for the sport as a whole.  We anticipate big things for Megan in the years to come. 

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